Benifits of Thai Massage

Thai massage is a 2500 year old healing art system based in Ayurvedic medicine, spritual practice and yoga, which works on a design of Sen (energy) lines which run through the body. Thai Massage blends gentle rocking, rhythmic acupressure and deep assisted stretches to open exercise and tone all the systems in the body.
Relieves headaches (migraines) and increases your sense of calm
Relieves fatigue, swollen limbs and painful joints
Personal trauma, calms the nervous system and promotes a deep sense of relaxation with an increased energy level, which allows for a release of deep emotional distress.
Eliminates muscle pain and muscle spasms
Improves muscle strength, flexibility and range of movements
Reduces stress and anxiety
Raise energy levels and stamina
Stimulates and increses blood circulation
Improves posture and improves sleep patterns
Can improve chronic lower back pain, knee, hip and sciatic pain
Particularly suitable for those who play a lot of sports as it unravels tight muscles and helps realign the body.