Thai Massage

Thai massage is the ancient healing therapy. It is a full body treatment combining acupressure techniques with deep yoga-like stretches.
These help to:
                     Open the joints
                     Improve flexibility
                     Relieve stress
                     Relax the body
                     Restore the natural flow of energy within
This massage is performed on a mat on the floor using a combination of hands, feet, arms, elbow and knees to work the body. (no oils are used) This massage can be performed fully clothed.
You should wear loose cool comfortable clothing and avoid heavy meals and alcohol in the hours before your treatment.
Afterwards to take advantage of your massage try going for a gentle walk and drink lots of water.
It is recommended that you should not have a Thai massage if you are intoxicated, have had recent surgery or have artificial hip or knee joints or suffer from cancer.
Certain positions are not suitable for those with:
                   High blood pressure
                   Serious heart conditions
                   Certain skin conditions
                   Eczema, shingles and psoriasis
Always consult with the masseuse if you are unsure